Synopsis of Lease for Tenants

SYNOPSIS OF Professional Property Services, Ltd. RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT (12 Pages)

This abbreviated Summary of our residential lease is for convenience and clarification only. Lessee should read the entire lease agreement, as the lease contains other significant paragraphs not fully described in this summary. A Lease is a legally binding contract. If you do not understand the lease, contact an attorney for an explanation of your legal rights and
responsibilities by signing the lease.

Paragraph #1 INITIAL LEASE TERM: Exact term of lease, rental amount and pro-rata rent if applicable.

Paragraph #2 SECURITY DEPOSIT: Refers to a separate Security Deposit Receipt given at time the Security Deposit is paid and outlining the Maryland Security Deposit Law.

Paragraph #3 PAYMENT OF RENT: Rents are due on or before the 1st day of the month. A late fee of 5% is assessed on the 6th if rent is not paid promptly; a Court Suit is filed with additional charges assessed if not paid by the 10th. There is a $35.00 fee if a check is returned, and a $25.00 fee if Agent has to appear in court for Failure to Pay Rent.

Paragraph #4 LANDLORD/AGENT LEGAL RIGHTS: Landlord’s rights if tenant should breach the lease for any reason.

Paragraph #5 PERSONS WHO WILL OCCUPY THE PROPERTY: Names of all authorized persons who will live in the property. No other persons may occupy the property.

Paragraph #6 TENANT’S RIGHT TO OCCUPY THE PROPERTY: The Tenant has the right to “quiet enjoyment” of the property in a condition of reasonably safe habitation. If POSSESSION cannot be given, rent will be abated until possession can be given.

Paragraph #7 SMOKE DETECTOR NOTICE: Need a back-up battery in smoke detectors. Tenant must initial.

Paragraph #8 INSTALLATION OF SMOKE DETECTORS: Tenant is responsible to maintain Smoke Detectors.

Paragraph #9. TENANT’S USE OF KEYS AND LOCKS: Tenant may not change or add locks without Agent’s permission and must provide Agent keys. If keys are lost or tenant is locked out after business hours, there is a $35.00 charge.

Paragraph #10 TENANT’S COMPLIANCE WITH SAFETY AND INSURANCE REGULATIONS: Tenant may not do or permit to be done anything on the property that would hinder health and safety regulations or cause an increase in insurance premiums.

Paragraph #11 LANDLORD/AGENT/TENANT LIABILITY: Landlord/Agent not responsible for any loss or damage for property within the exclusive control of Tenant. Tenant MUST provide copy of Renter’s Insurance binder to Landlord covering tenant’s possessions and liability.

Paragraph #12 TENANT INDEMNIFIES LANDLORD/AGENT: Tenant shall hold Landlord harmless against any and all liability arising from those portions of the property under tenant’s exclusive control.

Paragraph #13 LANDLORD/AGENT’S RIGHT TO ENTER THE PROPERTY DURING THE TERM: Landlord may enter the property during reasonable hours and with 24 hours’ notice to make repairs or to inspect. Landlord/agent may enter without notice in event of an emergency and during the last 90 days of a lease term to show property to prospective tenant’s or buyers. 

Paragraph #14 TENANT’S RESPONSIBILITY AT END OF TERM: Tenant to leave property in the same condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted.

Paragraph #15 FAILURE TO VACATE AT TERMINATION: Tenant or Landlord must give 60 days’ notice to vacate at the termination of lease. In the absence of a written extension, lease shall continue month to month. Notice shall always be for a full rental period from the 1st day to the end of the month. If all residents do not vacate, Landlord may file a “Tenant Holding Over” action in court.

Paragraph #16 DEFAULT: Lease violations defined. In the event of a violation of lease, Landlord may terminate by giving tenant 30 days’ notice.

Paragraph #17 LANDLORD/AGENT DOES NOT WAIVE LEGAL RIGHTS: If Landlord waives or acquiesces on any default; it shall not be considered a waiver of the lease agreement or any other terms of it.  Failure of Landlord/Agent to enforce any term of lease does not constitute a waiver of said term.

Paragraph #18 ABANDONED PROPERTY: Any personal property left on the premises for more than 7 days after termination shall be considered abandoned property and may be disposed of.

Paragraph #19 TENANT RESTRICTED FROM SUBLEASING OR ASSIGNING LEASE: Tenant may not sublease or assign lease without consent of Landlord. A fee of $100.00 is charged if allowed.

Paragraph #20 TENANT’S AND LANDLORD/AGENT’S RIGHTS IF PROPERTY IS DAMAGED: If property is rendered uninhabitable, rent is abated or lease is terminated. If property is only damaged, repairs will be made and rent is still payable.

Paragraph #21 TENANT’S AND LANDLORD/AGENT’S RIGHTS IF PROPERTY IS TAKEN BY THE GOVERNMENT: If property is condemned, lease shall terminate. Tenant has no claim against Landlord.

Paragraph #22 INSPECTIONS: Landlord/Agent has the right to be present.

Paragraph #23 TENANT’S RESTRICTIONS CONCERNING VEHICLE PARKING: Only properly licensed vehicles in operating condition may be parked on premises. No parking on lawns and no mechanical repairs except routine maintenance.

Paragraph #24 TENANT’S RESTRICTIONS CONCERNING TRASH: Trash must be removed on a weekly basis. No trash may be placed on street before 5:00 PM. Tenant to pay for trash removal.

Paragraph #25 PESTS:  The property is Pest-Free at move-in, or Landlord/Agent will exterminate.  Thereafter, tenant is responsible for maintaining normal pest control, unless a Major infestation.

Paragraph #26 TENANT AND LANDLORD/AGENT AGREEMENT IF UTILITIES ARE INTERRUPTED: Landlord not liable if tenant is unable to obtain utilities for reasons beyond Landlord’s control.

Paragraph #27 TENANT AND LANDLORD/AGENT AGREEMENT FOR REPAIRS: Landlord/Agent may temporarily curtail furnishing a service or utility in order to make repairs without liability.

Paragraph #28 TENANT RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL RENT:  Any and all sums due and payable from tenant, ie, utilities, late charges, legal fees, damages, shall be considered additional rent and collectible as such.

Paragraph #29 ATTORNEY'S FEES AND COURT COSTS: Tenant to pay all attorney's fees and court costs as additional rent unless tenant prevails in an action.  There is a $25.00 charge for Agent's appearance in court.

Paragraph #30 COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION PROVISIONS:  If property is part of a HOA or Condo Association, tenant shall abide by all rules, regulations and restrictions of association or be liable for breach of lease and fines.  Landlord to provide copy of documents to tenant. 

Paragraph #31 TENANT’S OBLIGATIONS REGARDING USE AND OCCUPANCY: (Long – read carefully) Tenant is to maintain and care for property inside and out. Tenant shall prohibit use of any illegal drugs or activity on premises.

Paragraph #32 TENANT’S RESTRICTIONS ON CHANGES TO THE PROPERTY/ALTERATIONS: Tenant may not remodel, paint, or change anything with prior written permission of Landlord. Property must be restored to original condition when tenant vacates, unless Landlord/Agent agrees to lease as is.

Paragraph #33 INCLUSIONS/EXCLUSIONS: Check list of included items.

Paragraph #34 UTILITIES AGREEMENT: Check list of who pays for which utilities.

Paragraph #35 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: (Long – read carefully) Describes what the Landlord pays and what the tenant is responsible to maintain and pay. Also lists restrictions.

Paragraph #36 WATER/MOISTURE/MOLD:  Describes tenant's responsibility in the event of presence of water, moisture, leaks and mold.  (Read carefully)

Paragraph #37 TENANT’S RESTRICTIONS CONCERNING PETS: States if pets are allowed, or not and, if so, that a separate Pet Addendum must be signed.

Paragraph #38 TENANT’S AND LANDLORD/AGENT’S DELIVERY OF NOTICES: All notices MUST be in writing.

Paragraph #39 FUEL OIL/PROPANE: If property uses oil or propane gas for heat, owner maintains a Burner Service Contract and tenant is responsible to buy oil or propane from that company. Tenant receives property with a full oil tank and must leave the tank full when moves.

Paragraph #40 ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY: Standard “Military Clause” included if tenant is in the military.

Paragraph #41 LEAD PAINT – APPLICABLE LAW: Required by Maryland Law. Landlord must initial items that are applicable to property age. Tenant must initial end of paragraph.

Paragraph #42 SUBORDINATION: Owner may want to refinance and will need tenant to acknowledge lease and occupancy in writing.

Paragraph #43 ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE:  Tenant agrees to sign document stating that lease is in effect.

Paragraph #44 BANKRUPTCY: New regulations pending. If tenant declares Bankruptcy, Lease shall terminate and tenant shall vacate premises.

Paragraph #45 RENT INCREASES: After initial term, Landlord may increase rent by giving tenant 60 days’ notice. Timely payment indicates acceptance. If tenant doesn’t accept, must send back 30 days’ notice of intention to vacate. All notices to be in writing.

Paragraph #46 CANCELLATION BY LANDLORD/AGENT IN INITIAL TERM: If tenant materially breaches lease, Landlord may cancel by giving Tenant 30 days’ written notice to vacate.

Paragraph #47 LANDLORD/AGENT’S RIGHT TO RE-RENT PROPERTY: If tenant breaches lease or abandons property, Landlord may re-lease property at reasonable terms and conditions. Tenant shall remain liable for the costs to re-rent and for any difference in the rental amount received.

Paragraph #48 CANCELLATION BY TENANT IN INITIAL TERM: If tenant voluntarily cancels lease prior to the end, he must give 60 days’ notice, is responsible for all rent until a new tenant is found, and is responsible for all costs to re-rent, including agent’s fee, advertising and make-ready of premises.

Paragraph #49 TENANT ACCEPTS PROPERTY: Tenant accepts property in present condition, after conducting a “Move-in” Inspection and given a list of any defects.

Paragraph #50 CONTACTING THE OWNER:  It is a Default of the Lease to contact or converse with the Owner.  The Lease is between the tenant and Professional Property Services, Ltd.

Paragraph #51 CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND SEXUAL OFFENDERS:  Tenants responsibility to check "Sex Offender Registry" and State, County and Municipal Police Departments to determine criminal activity in the vicinity of property.

Paragraph #52 HEIRS AND ASSIGNS ARE BOUND BY LEASE: The terms of lease are binding upon all heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of Landlord/Agent and Tenant.

Paragraph #53 CONTROLLING LAW: The lease is construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland.

Paragraph #54 TENANT AND LANDLORD MAY MEDIATE DISPUTES: Tenant and Landlord/Agent agree to mediate any disputes under this lease.


Paragraph #56 JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY: All tenants who sign this lease are equally (jointly and separately) liable and responsible for full performance under each condition of this lease.

Paragraph #57 ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS: Any additional negotiated provisions noted here.

Note: Tenant must initial each page where indicated.