Filter Exchange & Preventive Maintenance Program

We are offering an optional prgram to our owners/clients to insure that the safety and maintenance issues of the properties are being properly handled in a timely manner.  Our maintenance staff will go to the property every three (3) months to change out the HVAC filter(s), as well as check the outside condenser unit to make sure it is free and clear of debris and weeds.  While there, they will check the accessible water supply lines and drains to check for leaks, check the smoke detectors and change batteries, if necessary, check for CO detector in gas and oil heated properties, gutters and spouting, outdoor spigots, and perform a visual inspection to determine general condition and tenant care.  Our maintenance staff will take pictures to document anything needing attention at the property, ie; car up on blocks, unauthorized animals, or tenant caused damage as well as property maintenance. They will also be instructed to fix anything while there, within reason and time constraints, to save an extra service trip.  The tenants will be charged for Smoke Alarm batteries, or any non-compliance on their part.

The charge for this service is $50.00 plus any materials needed, per quarter.  We include these services in your annual property survey, so the additional charge would only be for three (3) additional trips per year.  This way you know the filter is being changed. We can give the tenant this responsibility in the lease, however there is no way to KNOW if they actually do it.  We have found some extremely dirty filters in our annual property survey, which could cause damage to the system.  It also gives us an opportunity to be inside the home every three months to OBSERVE any issues.  Regularly changing the filter is recommended, to help prolong the life of the HVAC system and to make it more efficient as well.

This is an optional service.  The cost of this program will be charged after the visit is done, and will continue every three months unless cancelled in writing.