Eviction Protection Program

Professional Property Services, Ltd. has a great service we offer our owners/clients.  It is called the "Eviction Protection Program," developed after years of experience and research, and in response to the concerns expressed by our owner/clients over the rising costs of evictions. This service covers the costs for Court filing fees, appearance and testimony in District Court for Failure to Pay Rent Suits, Writ of Restitution, fees for the Sheriff serving the tenant and posting the property, set-out costs, removal costs, street clean-up costs, landfill costs, and any other related costs of an actual eviction - which can run from a minimum of several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Evictions are usually for the failure to pay rent and/or utility charges, but there are other reasons; unlawful activities on the property, failure to maintain the property, unauthorized tenants, animals, etc.

This past year it has taken longer and longer to get rent cases heard in District Court and then through the eviction process, due to the increasing number of rent suits filed each month. Cases are increasing each year and, depending on the violation, it may take three or more filings and court appearances to get the Warrant of Restitution (eviction papers) and service by the Sheriff on the tenant. Then comes the actual eviction (set-out). We guesstimate the costs of an eviction within the coming year will be in excess of $1000. In Frederick County 3 to 4 times that amount including court, legal and labor costs. This is why we feel it makes better sense to participate in the program to contain any potential costs like this. We hope you will agree the benefits are a great value.

The cost of the "Eviction Protection Program" is $8.00 per month per unit managed. This is an administrative fee only, for services of the agent and for costs incident to the Complaint for Repossession of the Premises and Distress for Rent in District Court actions. This program only covers tenants placed in the property by Professional Property Services, Ltd. If the case is removed to Circuit Court for any reason, the owner would be responsible for all costs and attorney's fees.

This program does not cover loss of rents, damaage to the property or cleaning caused by tenants, their animals, family, invitees or guests, or actions in Circuit Court.

NOTE: If the property is currently rented/occupied when the management agreement is signed then this program will not become effective until the start of the seventh month of management.

The Eviction Protection Service is an optional benefit service offered to our owner/clients. If owner chooses not to participate, there will be a $25 fee charged to owner each time papers are filed in Court and an additional $50 fee each time an agent must appear in Court.